If you are reading this then we have your contact information.  Unfortunately, there are some of our classmates that we have been unable to locate.  If you know how to contact any of the following, please let us know.

Joe Gathman

Larry Reeves                                      Jan Grunden                                 

Rick Shaw                                           Tom Hess

Ron Sugden                                        Bonnie Jo John

Brett Tegen                                        Jack Jellison

Barbara Volkman Ramey                    Lois Johnson              

Sherry Weaver Hicks                          Mike Judkins

Chris Smith                                         Melody Mockbee

Sherry Frandle Kresse                        Jim Mullens

Helen Pease Russell                            Nick Parson

Jim Doyle                                           Sharon Yeigh

Davida Mason                                     Mike Giordano

Kathy Gibbs                                        Marie Roloff

Linda Stanley                                      Doug Burman

Jan Briggs                                           Tom Tucker

Glen Stockwell                                    Nancy Parks