Danube Cruise Dec. 2016
Daughter's wedding 2013

Once again the last 5 years has produced some major changes in our lives. We bought a house in Baton Rouge in 2014 and enjoyed the southern lifestyle for the last few years.  It was strange to have to go inside to cool off when putting out your Christmas lights, and planting tomatoes while getting ready for Halloween but you do get used to it. I had to learn to wear long pants and closed toe shoes in Dec. so I didn't look like a tourist, and to have long conversations with virtual strangers.  June 2015 Ron had surgery which did not turn out as expected.  The surgery went well and but his body chose not to heal, which resulted in 3 months intensive care, multiple follow-up surgeries, and 3 months of acute long term care.  Apparently he liked hospitals because 2  weeks after he got home he was back in the hospital to have a defibulator inplanted.  We decided that it was time to retire and moved to north Marysville to be near to children and grandchildren. Good thing we did not give away our winter coats.  Hated missing the 45 year reunion, looking forward to catching up with all you at our 50th.