“What has been going on with me for the past 50 years”?

 Graduated from West Valley, went to a year of college at YVC. I was not ready to have 23-year-old college professor talk about how bad the world was and walk to auditorium of 400 young people all looking  at the reel-to-reel tape player talking about social problems of today. After a year of collage, I signed up with the Army and went off to see the world. I spent twenty-four years with Army, we parted ways in 1993. In the twenty-four years I got married to my Lady of forty-five years. Our daughter was born in Okinawa, Japan. Three years later our son arrived in Heidelberg, Germany. In total I spent 6 years in Asia, another 6 year in the United States, either going to schools or stationed in the states. The remainder of time I was in stationed in Europe somewhere. We got out of the service in Pennsylvania, I was stationed Tobyhanna Army Depot at the time.   We brought a house there and settled down for twenty-three years. We have battled blizzards and subzero temperatures there. We got both Judy and Jason through college. I worked and went to collage to finish my degree. I ended up back working as a civilian at Tobyhanna Army Depot. I went to Afghanistan for two years supporting the depot’s mission there. I continued working at the Depot for another four years. Jeri, my wife, retired in February 2015 and my job was to sell the house in the snow belt. In 2016, I retired from the federal government one last time. I finally got the house sold in February 2017. I divorced my snow blower and my trusty old snow shovel. We set our home up in Taipei, Taiwan. The cost of living is minimal here, and we do a great deal of hiking, weather permitting. We are fair weather hikers. There is no snow here and the temperature stays well above the freezing point. Everything stays green year round. That’s pretty much what I have been doing from graduation from West Valley to current. Today is overcast with a temperature close to 80 degrees. Very pleasant! I understand there are snowflakes flying about in Northeastern PA as I write this. It’s a 16-hour non-stop flight from Taiwan to JFK, New York. I this verbiage makes sense as I am writing via Ipad, I find it rather cumbersome to do long write ups.


 Best Regards Donald Trollope